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What to Learn

Master of Public Health(MPH)

To gain knowledge about healthcare/public health, and scientific evaluation/analyzation skills, we have provided classes based on global public health education.
"Epidemiology," "Behavioural Science," “Biostatistics,” "Environmental Health," and "Healthcare Management" classes will each be placed, for students to be able to gain knowledge about public health systematically.


We have organized special transdisciplinary courses related to the latest technology, innovation and social system. We provide classes that aims to propel innovation towards issues that cannot be solved by the conventional system, from a versatile point of view.


We hold classes and workshops that aim to foster presentation skills and knowledge about business development, which is necessary for innovators of the next generation.

How to Learn

Easy-to-learn environment for working people

It is an easy-to-learn atmosphere for working adults, with classes on weekday nights and weekends, and some online.


We hold courses which aim to foster graduates who can solve global issues and become global leaders, with many classes in English. English-only class credits are also available.

Active learning

We proactively provide classes with groupwork, presentations and ICT, to encourage students to learn actively and acquire high communication skills.


Course Outline

  • ・Common Course: To understand the school's philosophy
  • ・Public Health Course: Basic course for MPH (Master of Public Health)
  • ・Health Innovation Course: Course for training innovation leaders, in which students can choose classes based on their individual interests
  • ・Workshop / Special Research Course: Training business thinking and public-mindedness to foster global leaders with practical skills
Common Course
  • ME-BYO and Health Innovation
  • Advanced Topics in Human Services
  • Introduction to Health Innovation
  • Data Science
  • Responsible Research and Innovation(RRI) in Health Innovation 1
Public Health Course
Introduction to Epidemiology
Research on Epidemiology
Seminar on Epidemiology
Clinival Trials
Environmental Health
Environmental Health
Occupational Health
Seminar on Occupational Health
Basic Biostatistics
Seminar on Biostatistics
Advanced Biostatistics
Seminar on Data Statistics Analysis
Health Service Administration
Introduction to Healthcare Policy
Global Health Policy
Health Economics
Healthcare Management
Public Finance and Social Security
Law and Policy on Healthcare
Behavioral and Social Science
Behavioral Health Science
Health Communication
Field Research Methods
Social Epidemiology & Health
Health Innovation Course
  • Health Technology 1,2
  • Seminar on Data Science
  • Life Design in ME-BYO society
  • Marketing & Strategy
  • Responsible Research and Innovation(RRI) in Health Innovation 2
  • Health Crisis Management
  • Human Nutrition
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Introduction of Regenerative Medicine
  • Injury Control
  • Finance,Accounting
  • Development of Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices
Workshop / Special Research Course
  • Presentation
  • Entrepreneurship 1,2
  • Academic Writing
  • Field Study 1A-2B
  • Organization Management
  • Master's thesis or Research repoort