Scholl of Health Innovation

Fostering health innovators
of the next generation.

School Opening in April, 2019


Please see here for exam information,
application period and how to apply:

Training 4 Types of

We will train 4 types of innovators: "Researcher," "Business Person," "Administrator," and "Policy Maker."
Students can become leaders who can cooperate with diverse stakeholders, with a wide range of knowledge and skills of advanced technology, innovation and administration.

Curriculum Features

Students are able to study about a wide range of specialized knowledge, including healthcare/public health, the latest technology, business management and innovation methods.
The curriculum has the following courses in which students can pick classes based on their interest: “Common Course” “Public Health Basic Course” “Health Innovation Special Course” “Practical / Special Research Course”

Studying in the City Area
of Advanced Research Development

We are located in the global innovation hub, "King Sky Front," attracting the world's leading corporations and laboratories in the areas of health, medicine, welfare and environment.

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